Rick Richards – Simply God: God’s Messages of Love and Encouragement

simplygodSimply God: Gods Messages of Love and Encouragement by Rick Richards was recommended as “his most powerful work to date. In teaching pastors, evangelists and everyday Christians the difference between “convincing” and “equipping,” Richards delivers a radical new view of what it means to be a leader in Christ:” Unfortunately, the book’s content wasn’t radical, about leadership or explaining God as He revealed Himself in the Bible. Somehow this manuscript sneaked in through Westbow Press (a self-publishing imprint) to HarperCollins publishers, and got this appealing blurb.

I read 35% and turned off, already have marked a lot of locations in my kindle edition that I had questions about. Why call satan / the devil “the dark angel”? Why share you whole life story in 4 pages, including mysterious phrases like “On my fourth death experience, God got my attention.”? Claims like “God wrote this book to help and encourage you, and he chose me sixty-two years ago to do this” I cannot accept. The author grants himself too much. Instead of letting the Bible speak for itself, the reader gets much of Richard’s own words and interpretations mixed with single verse quotations in every available Bible translation.

What to think of “The dark angel confuses us by telling us to believe that having hope and peace now is better than waiting for God’s correct timing.”, “If we know that God is real, then nothing else is impossible.”, “In the Old Testament, there was not a spirit. That was given to us after the death of Jesus. God did all the discerning through his spoken words and through his prophets.” or “The outcome of Jesus’ death was the disobedience of his children.” I could continue pointing at serious flaws in Richard’s theology. Instead of Simply God I’d recommend reading the Bible itself if you want to know God.

About the author

Rick Richards lives on an orchard in southern Ohio with his wife. They have two kids and two grandkids.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.