James Bars – God, Please Rewire My MADFATs

MADFATs-3D-cropped-e1440937950993The spiritual renewal of our minds is what James Bars chose as central topic for God, Please Rewire My MADFATs. The acronym covers motives, affections, desires, feelings, actions and thoughts. In the first part you’ll get a Neurology 101 to stress the principles of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, needed to rewire your brain and create fruitful connections up there, and reach homeostasis. Bars leans on works like The God-Shaped Brain by Timothy Jennings (Come and Reson Ministries) and Teaching With the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen. This is not a self-help book, but founded in the Spirit-led life a born again Christian needs to live to follow Christ. To help you out the authors created New Song Practice Guide and Sheets, meant to memorize Bible verses and visualize the biblical way of life.

To know that you’re loved by God, are in the Kingdom of light and reived grace, is important to learn to sing a new song for God, and spread the good news. Bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit and reflect God’s image more and more is a lifelong assignment. We have to refocus our perspectives and thoughts, change our behaviours and intentions. “Move your being into God’s light on a consistent basis. Take a proactive stance toward allowing Him to dissolve the darkness by moving you being toward Him.” as random quote shows that the storyline is full of repetitions. Both the MADFATs, the references to the online resources as well as single individual instructions or tips are repeated every other page. The author doesn’t hide from telling you about temptations, troubles, pain and suffering. Fortunately he also provides many Bible verses to encourage you to continue and follow Jesus Christ.

The author presents the rather ambiguous Greek words for ‘love’ (storge, philia, eros and agape) as if they’re distinct, an error made by countless preachers and authors by selective reading their Bibles. Nine steps to resolve conflict and manage anger and WHOLENESS as acronym coined by nutritionist Linda Clayville, as well as ‘My new MADFATs System for Success’ do hint at belonging to a self-help recipe. That leaves me as reviewer with mixed feelings regarding the author’s chosen genre.

About the author

James Bars has dedicated much of the last three decades to the practice, study and research of Biblical Teachings, Christian Counseling, Neural Science, Faith and Health Counseling, Human Behavior Consulting, Addiction Recovery Counseling and Master Life Coaching. He is a Christian Counselor, Author, Human Behavior Consultant and Board Certified Master Life Coach.

He has logged nearly 50,000 hours in personal research, study, seminars, educational retreats, growth and research groups, counseling and coaching others and has enjoyed nearly 12,000 hours simply sitting in the presence of the Way – Jesus, and listening. It is in the presence of the light that the darkness is dispelled. Jesus is, the light of the world.

James Bars was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho. He served in the 82nd Airborne during the Vietnam War. After the war, James was honorably discharged and moved to Oregon, his heart’s true, earthly home, where he has resided since 1973. His life experience has been wide and adventurous. He has gone from living like a native in the wilds of Oregon’s Eagle Cap wilderness to upper management with a Fortune 500 international corporation. Regardless of where life found him, James has nearly always been placed in positions of leading, teaching, counseling and coaching others.

His joy’s include spending time with his family, traveling, being out in God’s creation and watching the light come on in someone’s eyes as they realize their true worth and value as a child of our awesome God! James has discovered a system for success that helps others find the Way to joy, peace, love, future, health and true prosperity. He writes, counsels and coaches with one purpose; to help enable others enhance their personal experience with our awe-inspiring God.

The author provided me with a free review copy without the obligation to write a positive review upon reading.