Ken Grissom – Seeking Wanda

seekingwandaRobert, a rookie Private Investigator is sent on a mission to check an vehicle insurance case. Nothing special, until a murder case unravels. Ken Grissom set Seeking Wanda around 1997, mobile phones on the rise, computers not that widespread, photography still with analog cameras, and old school cassette recorders to log conversations. The P.I. roams the Houston, Texas area to find out everything needed to find a girl named Wanda Dixon, and answer the question whether mr. Gatewood caused a car accident on purpose as cove-up to murder his wife.

The way of writing is mostly conversational. The role of¬†Mexican hairless Chihuahua, Ignatz is remarkable. The readers finds the characters in NASA centers, van with a periscope, a topless bar, and regular offices. This is not a page-turner, action-packed and fast-pace crime story. It’s rather a step-by-step trial-and-error kind of investigation, as far as a lonely P.I. can get to present the case to lawyers and prosecutors. You’ll be served with a couple of hours reading pleasure.

The author provided me a free review copy.