Jaroslav Tucek – The Libertarian

the libertarianThe Libertarian is a short story is based on the great strike motive of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Luca Segreti no longer wishes to produce in a world in which he’s treated like a slave. As photographer he travels throughout Europe to find models, produce photos and sell these. In Germany he meets engineer Elke. She accepts the strange proposal to pose for him in a church. What seems to be an unfolding love story, is disrupted time and again by strong opinions of Luca about anarchy, tax evasion, subtle neo-Nazism, political statements that touch sensitive topics in Germany. Elke, though amazed finds her inner strength, wants to stay in control, but also feels attracted to this peculiar photographer. Subsequent photo shoots, meetings follow and end up in an all or nothing meet her parents confrontations. Will love or politics win?

The author, Jaroslav Tucek, provided me a free review copy.