Charlotte Gambill – The Miracle in the Middle: Finding God’s Voice in the Void

_140_245_Book.1603.coverRecognizing God’s voice and living the faith is easy in the beginning of your spiritual journey. And once a destination is reached, you may be thankful and joyful. The difficult part is in the middle. Enter The Miracle in the Middle: Finding God’s Voice in the Void by Charlotte Gambill. She takes Mark 6 as main illustration. The disciples obeying to Jesus Christ’s instructions and promise ending up in a storm at the Lake of Galilee. Jesus came to start a movement, not build a monument. Just as thousands of people are fed with bread and fish, Jesus commands to go. God provides the resources and instructions. He promises always to be with you. How do you navigate? What are your anchors? How much scope do you have?

Charlotte uses many other biblical examples from Joseph, Abraham, David, Jonathan, Moses and the Hebrews, alongside personal stories from traveling, family life, and speaking engagements. Find God’s voice in the middle, the lowpoints in life, in the not yet, where faith is required. Action points and questions for study are included.

About the author

Charlotte Gambill has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people, and a zealous love for God’s House. Her passion is to build the local church-to see people reach their full potential and to strengthen leadership. Her practical, humorous, and passionate application of God’s Word is rallying a generation to embrace the broken and find hope. An author, speaker, and pastor, Charl leads Life Church in England with her husband Steve. They have two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.

I received a free review copy from the publisher Thomas Nelson through BookLookBloggers.