Ian McCrae – The Second Wager

the2ndwagnerIn The Second Wager somewhat strange events happening to Rassimus Flur are told. Suddenly unemployed, the well structured life is out of balance, derailed at times. Accused of stealing, Mr. Flur is dismissed, left to his own devices. He meets several people, but upon mysterious murders, in which reality and dreaming alternate, Mr. Flur’s turns himself in, and ends up in a concentration camp kind of setting. There he has to learn to overcome pain, hardships, cruelties and establish friendship with new people. Of all the characters, Phobos is a kind of mentor, teaching him the existence of God, as well the art of forgiveness, providing a second chance to sinners.

The Second Wager is sometimes lengthy and has generally a slow pace. Convincing characters and the unfolding core theme are strong points. It’s a great novel on faith, friendships, grief and the consequences of people’s conscious and unconscious choices.

The author provided me a free review copy.