Donavon Parker – Top 18 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2015: Effective Music Marketing Techniques

top18tipsThere are plenty of chances and things to think of regarding indie artists promotion and marketing. Without A&R staff, management or record label taking care, you’re out on your own. Enter Donavon Parker‘s Top 18 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2015: Effective Music Marketing Techniques. A quick read with lots of references, both embedded in the guide as well as maintained online.

If you’re really interested in increasing your album sales and building your fan base, then learn to use simple tools like radio, tv reality shows, magazines, music bloggers and Spotify. Parker shares his wisdom not to waste money on commercial radio, aimless Facebook advertizements, or dependency on online presence on social media only without hosting a personal website. This step by step guide to successfully promoting and marketing music for independent
musicians is worth its money!



About the author

Donavon Parker is a radio promoter, blogger, author and the creative director for New England’s Best Artists. His lifelong love of music began as child singing in the church choir, playing the trumpet in the school band and watching his father play the guitar. He absolutely loves business and the transition to the business side of music industry was a perfect fit. Mr. Parker’s main goal to help indie musicians understand how the entertainment industry works today. More info on