C.W. Steinle – Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness

cwsteinledarkDark Freedom unearths the prepared ground for the appearance of the Son of Perdition, the lawless one as predicted by Jesus Christ and Revelations of John. Christian philosopher C.W. Steinle studied 3 millennia of philosophers, church and secular history and all kinds of thinkers, both within and outside the Church. Rooted in ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates is dualism and a search for a proper way to govern a city, region or land. Much of it found its way into church teachings, laws and governance structure. Steinle shows the devaluation of the papal office throughout time, the way Reformation preachers like Jan Hus, Martin Luther, Zwingli, tried to counter this movement.

Humanism, Enlightenment up to modern relativism, seeker-friendly services in which ‘law’ has been replaced by ‘grace only’ all influence the way Christians look at abiding to the laws of God and stay holy. Church fathers, divine rights of kings, and removing the Judeo-Christian roots from U.S. constitutions and laws are unmasked in Dark Freedom. The freedom, peace and laws God gave to us are meant to practice every day. Hours and hours of valuable insights!

About the author

First as a layman and then as an ordained minister C.W. Steinle has mentored hundreds through thousands of original Bible teachings, seminars, classes, small groups. Together with his wife, Gwen, C.W. has counseled singles, couples, and families. Gwen is the author of First One to the Cross: A Wives’ Guide to a Winning Marriage. C.W. and Gwen enjoy studying biblical archaeology, and have visited sites in eight different countries. C.W. has held Bible studies on location in Israel, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth, Athens, and Egypt, traveling the route of the Exodus across the Red Sea through Sinai and up to Mt Nebo in Jordan. Three times the couple has followed in the footsteps of Paul, by land and by sea – along the old Roman highways and by ship throughout the northern Mediterranean, including the course of Paul’s final shipwreck.
C.W. Steinle began his professional career as a CPA because of his knack for organizing information. Many Christian theologians and prophecy scholars have backgrounds in law, accounting, and business. For Christians who believe that the Bible is God-breathed, the ability to gather information and draw correlations is crucial for rightly dividing the Word of God.
To be a good teacher, one must also be a good story teller. Ultimately, unless principles can be explained in down-to-earth, real-life terms, the most brilliant insights cannot be conveyed to the reader. C.W. Steinle can relate to people. His hobbies include: sailing, golf, skiing, jewelry, sculpture, hiking, tennis and flying. He has worked as a tradesman as: carpenter, welder, jeweler, locksmith, cook, electrician, metal sculptor, sales, psychiatric technician, surveyor, painter, security guard, and his three main careers: CPA, pastor, and writer.
C.W. Steinle is the author of the popular Bible prophecy serious, Come Out of Her My People.

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