My social media story goes on

Being active on social networks, sharing and interacting is fun every day. Being listed as ‘insurance experts’, ‘innovation folks’, ‘awesome bloggers’ or ‘pm/influencer’ strengthens the confidence of adding value. The same goes for a solid Klout score between 59 and 61. I started experimenting with Twitter in June 2007, currently serving 4,100 followers. It had a growth of 1,300 in the past 2 years alone. Surely, sharing of curated content from Klout, Buffer and the ExpertConnect Social Media Partner helped. My daily update blog with book and music reviews, articles on project management and insurance, walks and tips for tourists is helpful as well.

Free books, tickets for TEDx events, concerts, and congresses are tangible results. The questions, comments, and feedback on, as well as recognition of the professional and private topics I share. Consistency is key. Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yammer all have their place in my world. Six years ago only 100+ Capgemini colleagues were on Yammer. Can you do without LinkedIN or Facebook now? I cannot. My social media story goes on.