Ace Varkey – The Girl who went Missing

girlwentmissingAce Varkey’s first crime fiction title, The Girl who went Missing, is set in Mumbai, India. When June Warner arrives in Mumbai, after her own wedding was called off, she expects her sister Thalia to pick her up from the airport. After all, she’s already in India for research and acquainted to the culture. Nowhere Thalia is found, neither in the airport, nor the YWCA. Police, nor professor seems to know more….until a body is found. A girl with green eyes and red hair. Is it Thalia and case closed? Varkey’s paints his characters with much of the local flavors, mixes the search for Thalia with human trafficking, bribery, drug abuse, prostitution, religious tensions and poverty to serve his readers a picture of modern age India.

Police Commissioner Oscar D’Costa, who will be starring in the sequel of The Girl who went Missing as well, is touched by the girls’ fate. He tries hard to avoid the image of a country unfriendly and dangerous to tourists, especially women. As a reader you’ll get some glimpses of the conspiracy unfolding, but are kept engaged until the end, where the truth and love is found. Great setting and storyline.



About the author

Ace Varkey adores travel and adventure and has lived, for years at a time, in both India and America, as well as other countries. He always wanted to be a writer, and was inspired by Helen MacInnes, who wrote spy thrillers set in various European countries. It sounded like such a marvelous life; travel during the summer to a new country, then spend the year writing about an adventure set in that country. He decided to use my knowledge of India to create stories filled with the colors and sounds of that magical country. But I also wanted my writing to have meaning, and so he decided to write a mystery series featuring Commissioner Oscar D’Costa, with each novel highlighting a pressing social issue. He wants his readers to enjoy the read, but he also want them to learn something new.