Wendy Anderson – The Jesus Experience

coverjesusexpDiving into the fast-paced brain dumping writing-style of The Jesus Experience, in which New-Zealand born and raised Wendy Anderson shares her spiritual growth and personal encounters with Jesus. Don’t expect a highly structured book on a single topic. This one reads like a combination of coming of age, practicing faith with Pentecostal church flavour, including all jokes, terminology and easy sounding ¬†phrases. Get used to descriptions like: “I thought when I married John, I would have a nice family, but I was wrong! As a result of their machinations, I am, unfortunately, very familiar now with manipulation, vindictiveness, deceit, and spite”. Personally I didn’t like this cover up for very difficult situations, as well as blaming the devil and demonic powers for everything unexpected.

Sometimes Wendy writes as a teenager: “As for myself, I am terribly attractive, simply gorgeous (Yeah, right!) I am still blonde but highly intelligent, I hope. Nice, kind, a good heart, always smiling, positive, a real character, direct (don’t ask unless you want an honest answer), funny, creative and a spiritual warrior, willing to out on a limb with extreme curves now, prone to wearing glasses and dangling earrings, bright coloured clothing, and don’t forget the lippy (lipstick), artist, business type, wife (with a sometimes adoring husband).”


It may not be wise to describe your neighbour as: “As to the house, a kind relation, who unfortunately was not a Christian came and helped John fix the rot and put in a sliding door and another concrete slab!”¬† In 99 out of 100 times Jesus is mentioned without Christ, as if He’s just the guy next door, a best friend forever. The same applies to God the Father referred to as Dad. Spiritual warfare in this book sounds like self-declared, without being specific the situation or person who’s fought for. New-Zealand landscape, car drives and hospital visits however are described in great detail. Editing and proofreading by non-Pentecostals would really add value before publishing it.