Michael Pang – In The Eyes Of Madness

eyesofmadnessAdvertized as Young Adult Paranormal Urban, In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang, heavily uses insights and practices from psychiatric hospitals, exorcism, ambivalence of a couple of evangelical Christian teenagers amidst a spiritual battle of demons, hybrid demons/humans, also known as Nephilim, which will not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially young adults missing the fine line between facts and fiction. Meet Declan (Deck) Peters, who survived his maniac mother that tried to kill him a couple of times. Where do Decks inhuman powers come from? Who’s patient and who professional Is the mental hospital, Deck is working in?

The story line jumps from this setting to a, night club, then camping ground, a safe house for Christian exorcism to a hiding place for demons, without proper logic or natural flow. Love story meets Bible study meets a deep dive into paranormal manifestations. Aunt Jenny preaches to Deck, exorcist Victor explains his practices to him, but in the end you get puzzled by the way characters pop up and are left behind. There’s more to come in this Declan Peters Chronicles. Some improvements on editing drafts will certainly help to deliver better instances.





About the author

Project manager by profession but modern Renaissance man by nature, Michael Pang has dabbled in many different areas in his career. From working with steam turbines to eventually switching into the world of IT, his plethora of experience highlights his personality – he’s a person always searching for more knowledge.

Michael was born in Hong Kong in 1983. His family immigrated to San Francisco when he was three and eventually landed in Florida. After graduating from high school, Michael gained his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Despite his currently demanding work schedule, Michael is very involved in activities at his local Project Management Institute Chapter where he fulfills his passion for teaching as the Vice President of Education. But, his desire to serve and help others doesn’t end there, he’s an avid Christian and very active in his local church. He loves kids, with two daughters of his own with his lovely wife, and volunteers at children’s church in his ministry.

He speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin and in his free time enjoys reading, writing, eating, cooking, playing music, dancing, singing, and watching musicals. One of his mottos is “Everyday that he hasn’t learned something new is a day wasted.”

The author provided me a free review copy.