Jessie Clemence – If I Plug My Ears, God Cant Tell Me What to Do

plugearsAs Christians we often have a double standard when it comes to seeking God’s plan and obeying. Jessie Clemence wrote  If I Plug My Ears, God Cant Tell Me What to Do on this topic. She explains how you can seek God’s voice, understand and act upon it. Numerous examples of the strange, bizarre, humorous instructions God gave to people in the Bible, contemporary stories of Jessie’s blogging friends and other believers. Each chapter has a series of Bible verses and study questions for further research. Practice’s not forgotten. Clemence shares from her struggles, the perseverance that’s needed when waiting and execution take a long time. Writing this book was actually a six-year project. Her initial manuscript was rejected by a publisher, but got a second chance.

God provides, but doesn’t promise a smooth ride home. Her writing style is personal, in your face and funny without harming the seriousness of the topic. Being busy, not willing to hear God speak at all, seeking material goods instead of spiritual treasures can withhold you from seeing a part of God’s plan becoming reality. Jessie’s honest about her family life, child adoption, and female successful writers she tried to copy. The author is frank on personal debts, telling others about your calling, and the astonishing difference in American lifestyle compared to lots of other countries in the world. Clemence is eager to point out that faith is required, and you may not see fruits of what you sow right away. It still is a miracle why and how God implements His plan with mortal and stubborn children like us. Let’s learn to listen more.

You may grab a free sample chapter here.

About the author
Jessie Clemence is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Family Studies. She has worked in the foster care system as a social worker and has published articles in Mary Jane’s Farm and Money Matters magazines. Previously she wrote There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse: And Other Ways Motherhood Changes Us.

I received a free review copy in exchange for a personal, honest review from publisher Discovery House via Netgalley.