Tim & Debbie Bishop – Two Are Better: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast

TAB_flatcoverRev_rgb_500-200x300Two are better contains two remarkable stories. In the first part you’ll meet Tim and Debbie Bishop, both having a active social life, trust in God, work and cycling as hobby, but without a spouse until they met each other in their early fifties. In only 10 weeks, they moved from marriage proposal and wedding, to Tim’s retirement and relocation, to embarking on a cycling adventure of a lifetime.

Enter part two: a tour from the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, Portland all the way to toe tipping the Atlantic Ocean.53 riding days, 15 states and Canada, 3.529 miles, 67 miles per day, and 100,003 feet of elevation. Struggles with their bikes, the weather, sore butts, intense heat and steep ups and downs in both the Rockies and the Appalachians. Blue and dark skies, Tornado Alley, Adventure Cycling Maps and a constant rescheduling of the days ahead. Will a summer break be long enough to end up at the East Coast? Both Tim and Debbie wrote parts of their stories, both the adventurous side, awkward moments and sharing from past addictions which are overcome. As newlyweds they had a wonderful opportunity to learn to know each other in good and bad times. Despite warnings upfront their marriage came out stronger after crossing the US on their bicycles. Different landscapes in the various states are painted with words, and illustrated with pictures taken along their ride of a lifetime.

Two are better is a story of hope, the possibility of a simpler life, and love as true bonding factor for sustainable relationships.

About the authors

Originally from Maine, Tim Bishop has over thirty years of experience in business, first as a CPA, then for many years in various roles in the corporate world. In addition to consulting for small businesses, Tim serves as a Hope Coach for TheHopeLine, a nonprofit organization that seeks to reach, rescue, and restore hurting teens and young adults.

Debbie Bishop has taught for over 25 years, for the past 10 years as a literacy specialist in Framingham, Massachusetts. She has a passion for reading and seeing that young people do it well. She also has high interest in recovery issues and encouraging others with her own triumphs over struggles earlier in her life. Debbie also serves as a Hope Coach for TheHopeLine.

Read the couple’s blog at www.openroadpress.com.