Roman Klee – The Banker’s Dilemma

bankersdilemmaThe Banker’s Dilemma by Roman Klee highlights the shimmering world of the super-rich financial industry professionals set in the financial crisis of 2006-2009. Nathan DeAngelis, a Solomon Brothers Investment banker is contemplating suicide, after a failed career and marriage. When he’s offered a new job at the secret Banderbilt Trust company, Nathan embarks a roller-coaster adventure ride that brings him on exotic places, but also in near-escapes, money laundering activities like sex, drugs and gambling. Adultery and speculation with high risk financial instruments not only put relations at stake but also ignites a severe disruption of the financial markets.

While chasing the mysterious disappearance of Brenton Davenport’s CEO and owner, Budd Wright, Nathan loses his fortune again, Solomon Brothers goes under. Cards are turned, and nothing seems what it liked to be. Roman Klee, which isn’t the author’s real name, revives the tradition of French term “roman à clefs“, derived from the French clé (key). For the rest: forget the promise of Paris in Spring.

Reading this extensive work requires perseverance from the reader. The author is fond of describing all kinds of luxury, gadgets, weapons and buildings. Character development is absent. New characters are introduced without a purpose or added value. The point of view and narrator are confusing. The pace is often too slow. A shorter, better edited version would really benefit this story.


About the author

Roman Klee writes novels about people who lived and events that actually happened. With a background in law and finance, he writes for pleasure, “Writing is like therapy-without the expensive bills.”