Johnathan Leow – Crowdfunding Checklist

crowdfunding checklistCrowd funding gained popularity in the past couple of years. It also generated a demand for useful tips, proven practices for artists, producers, authors, and other creative types lacking enough experience to execute a crowd funding campaign on their own. With The Crowdfunding Checklist, Jonathan Leow compiled a blueprint with tens of steps and topics to check before you can enjoy the funds you raised from fans, friends and famlily. Tips range from video production, and setting up an email subscription list, the series of pre-launch and after launch messages, involving media and the importance of working prototypes. The book’s structured as a 90 days plan, and is part of The Crowdfunded Kit, another book and online course by the same author.

Leow practices what he preaches, and updates his list frequently. So, what’s in the book now is a kind of status quo, and not an absolute truth or instant guarantee for success. In the end, it’s your product and the way you reach and involve your audience, which results in the desired effect. A list like this however saves you a lot of headaches, warns you upfront about the amount of effort you have to put into each campaign.

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About the author

Jonathan Leow is a a crowd funding advisor. He enjoys helping startups with idea validation, crowd-funding and growth hacking strategies. He is passionate about: Tech Startups, CrowdFunding, Customer Development, Go-To-Market strategy for tech products, Culinary stuff.