Jeffrey Bolden – Lucid

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In the recently published novelette Lucid, Jeffrey Bolden, introduces his readers to a realistic set of money and drugs related murder crimes. These make the main character Saint not a saint at all, leaving him unsure whether he’ll survive another day. An outlaw, born and breed in an abusive household. Then Shia, Saint’s adopted brother’s ex-girlfriend and Shana, Shia’s ex-girl-friend with an interest in Saint, to further complicate possible relationship developments and story twists.

What would be the best next step if you want to leave this cruel world behind and enter an artist scholarship? Life ain’t easy. This 49-pages book kept me engaged, and was a surprising read.

About the author

Jeffrey Bolden penned Smokin’ Hydrophonic (2009), and Book Of Soul )(2012) preceding Lucid. He calls himself a humble soul on a savage journey to destiny. You may read his blog, friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.