James Sterngram – Help for Hysterical Humans who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

jamesterngramI was offered Help for Hysterical Humans who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here by the author James Sterngram. The poetry bundle reads fluently. Presented as a “slender, vivacious volume of verse packed with music, magic, meditation, and humor”, main focus is on presenting his spiritual beliefs. Having studied quite some Bible verses and principles, James chose to blend all major religions into a single mixture with a profound western flavour. Sarcasm on Christianity, and its apostles James, John and Paul, trying to catch all the buzz words (Spirit, Father, Son, sin, grace, etc.) without repentence, discipline, salvation, cross, let alone resurrection. Just call yourself (collectively) Son of God, and off Sterngram goes. No insights in the true inner workings or teachings of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaica, but simply assume that God manifests himself/herself/itself in all these religions. It leads to lines like “Faiths, imploding and exploding, hurl their dust to distant skies to be recycled into newer forms of light. All is light.” We all end up in heaven, or here.

More fun and less cause for raised eyebrows are funny verses on why this (last) page is left blank, intentionally or the shortest of the poems: “Die.The end.”


About the author

James Sterngram is a member of the Associated Individuals Desiring Enlightenment (Sometimes). AIDE(S) is a global prophet-making organization currently boasting roughly seven billion members. James earned his B.A. in Music and his money elsewhere (just a little, so far). He is not linked in with any facebook friends, but he hopes you like him anyway. His phone is not smart. He doesn’t twitter much, but he does follow the tweets, shrieks, croaks, and peeps of the many visitors and residents in his Florida garden. Book excerpts complementary to the sample found here are available at www.JamesSterngram.com.