Charles Gerard Timm – Sonnets

Sonnets coverCharles Gerard Timm self-published a bundle of Sonnets. 33 poems in the form of a sonnet sequence linking a romance turned to friendship. From “How could I not have understood, that night? … Your smiles were meant to show me you delight” to “True amity must reckon with the mind, admit love’s worth grows, pearl within a shell.” ending in  “Too long I held that my love might be shared. I mimed my heart in gaudy love displays, ignoring that the friendly repartees acquainted me with how we might be paired.”  The series is done within an hour, but the eloquence and beauty are worth more than a single reading. I agree to “I’ve drink and dreams and poetry. I’m fine.”

About the author

Charles Gerard Timm has 20+ years experience in writing and 7+ in acting. in New Jersey and in New York. You can follow him @charlesgtimm.