Peter Taylor – Real Project Management

realpmPeter Taylor, author of e.g. The Lazy Project Manager, The Lazy Project Manager and the Project From Hell, and The Project Manager Who Smiled. summarizes the history of project management in four phases, the organic development of project management through experience, on through the second ‘tools and processes’ phase, and the third and most recent ‘attitude and behaviours’ phase, before finally arriving at the current ‘complexity and criticality’ phase. Wherease you could become an ‘accidental project manager’ in the 70’s, nowadays you’re at least an intentional project management professional. And that’s the point, where the author unfolds the field of Real Project Management. Project managers have always been driven by their desires to imagine, plan and execute the marvels of humankind with greater efficiency, shorter timelines and lower costs. This value serves as a common ground to gather project managers from multiple generations, both young and seasoned, from all over the world to conceive a broad vision for the future. Drawing on a global survey of project management practitioners and academics and complimentary research results from 2013, the 2012 version of the Standish CHAOS Report, and cases from speaking engagements, LinkedIN discussions and voluntary contributors, the well-known iron triangle is extended to include e.g. complexity, strategic direction, added value for the business, sustainability.

Taylor highlights the importance of project sponsorship, communication, connection with the company’s strategy and project portfolio, PMO, project preparation, culture and team building in a distributed setting, as well as lessons learned from the past projects. What is your legacy as project manager? Is there such thing as ‘sexy project management’ and how could project management associations and educational institutions increase the profession’s attractiveness. A much deserved warning: project management is an experience thing. You can’t learn it in a 3-years university course. Practice, curate and grow professionally.

About the author

Peter Taylor is an experienced project management consultant and a widely published author.  Among his books are Strategies for Project Sponsorship (Management Concepts Press), Leading Successful PMOs(Gower), and The Lazy Project Manager (Infinite Ideas). He blogs for ESI International (recommended training provider for PMI) hosts “The Lazy Project Manager” podcast on iTunes, and regularly runs workshops through the International Project Management Association and the Project Management Institute.