Chris Broadribb – Wisdom from the Web

24260521Chris Broadribb took the results from the auto-complete function of the world’s most popular search engine Google as basis for a hilarious booklet. In Wisdom From the Web: Hilarious auto-complete suggestions from the world’s most popular search engine you’ll meet characters like Angus the cleaner, Dramatic Damien, Ditzy Diana and Introspective Iva dealing with relationships, grandmothers, brothers and sisters, pets, religion, etc. Asking questions, pondering thoughts in short chapters illustrated with the funny results from Google. A quick read that will make you smile.

To give you a typical example from my own current Google search. “A first relationship is always special. Caring Cassie says:”


The author about himself
I’ve been writing since I was six years old. Of course, I didn’t have anything published when I was six (aside from on the blackboard at home) but over time I’ve had short stories, articles and book reviews published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, e-newsletters and websites.
I received a join Editors Award from the ZineWest 2014 anthology, received a Special Commendation in the 2010 Scarlet Stiletto Awards, won the Innovation category of the 2009 Scarlet Stiletto Awards and received a Highly Commended Certificate in the 2004 Katharine Susannah Prichard Sci-Fi/Fantasy Awards. I have an MA in Professional Writing, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Science (Computing) degree with distinction. I’ve been using computers since the mid-80s (remember the Commodore Vic-20, anyone?) and been using the Internet since 1994. I also run The Best of Times short story competition twice a year. My website is at