Tom Doyle – Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe

cover56447-mediumIn Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe, Tom Doyle takes his readers to Muslims-turned-Christians in Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. The suffering Jesus Christ promised that would be part of following Him, is experienced first-hand. And while some are martyred, others are miraculously protected in order to spread the gospel further among Muslims.

The depth and proximity of having to give up your life to Christ, physically, not spiritually, may be unimaginable to most Western Christians that live in countries with freedom of religion. Countless dreams in which Jesus shows Himself to Muslims, and God answering prayers are means to stir people to devote themselves to Jesus Christ and become a follower of the Way. The blood of martyrs are the seed of the Church, in the first centuries CE as well as the 21st century.

Where the recent testimonies in this book of real people in real situations can bless you as a reader, Doyle also challenges you to bless your fellow believers in Muslim countries through a daily prayer for those who, because of their faith in Christ, are in prison, persecution, or danger.

To sign up, go to to stay posted. Why 8:38? It’s because of the certainty that Paul expressed in his letter to the Romans in chapter 8 verse 38, that no power or person can separate us from the love of Christ.

About the author

Tom Doyle pastored for 20 years in CO, TX & NM before launching into missions in the volatile Middle East. Tom and his wife JoAnn of 28 years have an overflowing heart for the nation of Israel. As a pastor, Tom began leading tours there in 1995 and eventually he became a tour guide for the State of Israel. He speaks frequently at churches and para-church ministries about Israel, the Middle East, the global threat of Islam, and the incredible growth of the Middle East Church since Sept 11, ’01.