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momo bookThe short inspirational thriller novella MOMO by Kevin M. Kraft is based on his award-winning screenplay of the same name. Momo is the moniker for the Missouri Monster, or “bowling bear”. The book kicks off with a drunken lad driving home and only stopping by to pee. He encounters Momo which of course is a thrilling start to read further.

The main storyline however is on Mark Taylor and his son, Evan. In the wake of Mark’s father death, Mark and Evan spend quality time together at family cabin in the Missouri woodland. They too encounter the bowling bear at night. Trying to lock themselves in the cabin and wait for daylight, Mark and Evan have the guts to find solutions left on their own devices.

Not only the thrill, but also the inspirational story of the strengthened relationship between father and son are powerful ingredients. Whether or not Momo really exists, and the conclusion after turning the last page is, I’ll leave up to the reader to find out.


About the author

Kevin M. Kraft, born Mark Lindsey Milton, has been an avid writer from early childhood, growing up in upstate New York. Although stricken with seemingly incurable insomnia at an early age, he established himself as a creative writer, a singer-songwriter-guitarist, toured with a contemporary Christian group for several years, wrote a number of short stories, movie outlines, songs, even a book about how to care for a pet dog! Kraft loved and studied everything about movies and movie making while growing up, but never seriously considered making movies himself, because it was too expensive.

When the insomnia was at its worst around 2000, Kraft found no relief from conventional medical professionals. But his faith in God sustained him long enough to finally find a cure through a chiropractor at the Wellness Center in Springfield, Missouri and Doug Hayes, whom Kraft credits as saving his life.

Kraft, The Man in the Snap Brim Hat lives with his family in Kansas City, Missouri, where he is also the CEO of T E K Productions.The Momo movie will be released later in 2015.

The author granted me a free review copy to read and review, without any obligations.