Joycie Russ – There’s Always Love

joycie russ always loveThough the book was introduced as a typical murder mystery / suspense title (“Will she able to find the killer before the killer finds her?”), Joycie Russ’s There’s Always Love is quite a good summary of the actual content. Jade Simmons, a young homicide detective, and her friend, later husband Jasper progress slowly in finding answers in a reopened cold case and family secrets, while the kisses and love making fill the rest of their life. As of nothing else matters beds are favorite places to stay in, hotels, motels, houses, rooms with a view on the ocean or elsewhere, are a great place to come up for air only hours later. Engagement, marriage, marriages and pregnancy of friends and family events replaced the expected crime fighting.

Writing style is sequential and at times too explanatory. An example: “Jade and Jasper stood beside Jean at the front of the church. The seniors stood behind her. They greeted everyone as they came in. When Shields walked up the steps of the church, she was with Rex. Everyone called him Big Rex because he was about 6 feet 5 inches tall.” Conversations sometime not more than politeness: “Hi Susan”, said Henry as he hugged Susan. “Hello” said Susan. “Hi sweetie” said Helen as she hugged Susan. “Hi Helen, this is Jasper and Jade” said Susan. Henry and Helen looked at Jade and Jasper. “We know the cuties” said Helen as she hugged them.

I made it through the end though distracted by the lack of depth and direction.

About the author

A Richmond Native, Joycie Russ has written several short stories. She loves to write and stopped when she became a wife and mother. She feels like she has returned to her first love.  Ms. Russ lives in North Chesterfield just outside of Richmond, VA

Joycie Russ sent me a copy to read and review.