Jimi Akanbi – Almost Lost Hope: From Struggles to Triumph

almostosthopeIn Almost Lost Hope, the author Jimi Akanbi shares a testimony-style memoir of his upbringing, family life, relationships and choices regarding his personal faith in God. The rather short storyline doesn’t have a deep self-reflection or point of view on the era. It’s a sequential of episodes picked from Jimi’s own youth in Africa and his struggle for survival and settlement in the USA. The narrative reads like an American dream mixed with God intervening in Jimi’s life and fixing what’s broken.

In the final chapters Akanbi boasts about his authorship, which in his opinion is a 100% Divine gift and the start of a professional writing career. Jimi’s life can inspire readers. But regarding authorship I have my doubts. Although English isn’t my mother tongue as well, misspellings and syntax errors were made frequently in this book. It’s not clear whether proofreading has been completed. A selection from the author’s bio to illustrate this: “I have been through the greatest storms of life. That is any and everything that can make a man commit suicide. Upon all, I am still standing. Perhaps this is the major reason God gave me the gift of writing for His Kingdom. Who better to counsel His people, than one who has experienced challenges and victory? “ And just 105 pages is too short to share a real memoir as adult.

About the author

Jimi Akanbi is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He obtained an MBA in Finance in 2004.

I received a review copy from the author.