Carrie Stuart Parks – A Cry from the Dust

cryfromthedustThe Mountain Meadows Interpretative Center asked forensic expert Gwen Marcey to reconstruct the faces of three intact bodies that were discovered from the 1857 wagon train massacre of more than 120 people by Mormon fanatics calling themselves Avenging Angels. A secret from the 19th century could still endanger thousands of lives gathered for a Peace Conference. Marcey, divorced and a breast cancer survivor is suspected to be that loner cop that can solve murder cases on her own.

Rebellion, kidnapping, escape, death and mysterious shootings lead Marcey not only deeper into the Latter Day Saints organization and splinter groups, where polygamy, substitution. a dead mask and blood atonement practices weave a web to keep your attention towards the very last page. Marcey has to race against time to unmask the real murderer, free herself from traps and avoid a third massacre on 9/11.

A Cry from the Dust is well-written, and has both credible characters and a convincing plot. Fiction woven between historical and forensic facts without becoming to technical on either side.

About the Author

Carrie Stuart Parks is an award-winning fine artist and internationally known forensic artist. She teaches forensic art courses to law enforcement professionals and is the author/illustrator of numerous books on drawing. Carrie began to write fiction while battling breast cancer and was mentored by New York Times bestselling author Frank Peretti. Now in remission, she continues to encourage other women struggling with cancer.

I received a review copy from Thomas Nelson through to provide you my personal opinion.