PMI Netherlands 2015 Summit focuses on next project management practices

CKC Seminars, and PMI Netherlands Chapter are organizing 4th PMI Netherlands Summit on June 11th, 2015. The Summit will be held this time in ‘t Spant in Bussum, instead of Figi Zeist. Participants will discover secrets for the project manager of the future. What did we as practitioners learn from the past, which could benefit next projects. What could, or should be:

  • Next practices of excellent organizations;
  • Next practices of excellent (virtual) teams;
  • Next practices of excellent project managers;

And how should the world look like if we all would deploy these next practices? I’ll highlight some of the main speakers of this PMI Netherlands Summit’s programme.

Which stage are you on?

Bert van Eekelen MSc, MBA, Consultant and Project Manager at Arcadis, will serve the first keynote. More and more projects are identified and defined in multi-client arena’s where competitive corporation is the reason for decision taking processes that are complex and ambiguous. To be of help in this process, it is important to understand “in which play you are in”. To be successful, it is all about understanding what’s happening backstage or even in the dressing rooms.

Co-creation, empowerment and adoption measurement

According to Guyonne SchellingsGuyonne-Schellings-262x300, Director Global Change Management, Philips, focus areas for the project manager of the future to make impact should be co-creation, empowerment and adoption measurement.
The project manager of the future has to do more than bring in deliverables on time and within budget: business impact is key. So where do project management and business impact meet? How can we measure this and what does co-creation and empowerment have to do with achieving impact? Pull up your sleeves for this interactive Masterclass with real-life scenarios from large scale global transformation programs, practical tips & tools and insights from other participants.

Everything is critical

It may sound superficial, but true. Steven Nijhuis, Researcher, Project Leader, Lecturer, Hogeschool Utrecht answers “all” to the question which competences a project manager needs. But if we cannot find this superhero? Talking about critical processes leads to critical competences. In six groups, project managers with more than 500 years of combined experience revealed critical processes, critical competences and four types of project managers. Which type are you?

Neuroplasticity, keystone habits and servant leadership

Neuroplasticity, keystone habits and servant leadership: the shaping forces of the future project manager, says Thomas Swaak, Change Management Master, Philips. How our brain works tells us much about the key competencies of the future project manager. In this Master Class we will use advanced, interactive methods to experience, explore and expose exciting insights into neuroplasticity, keystone habits and servant leadership, and how these insights shape the competencies of the future project manager.

Organizational Effectiveness – Making the Difference

Final keynote slot is the stage for Marco Eykelenboom MSc, MBA, Project Manager, Fluor BV. Were you ever involved in a successful project? In your view, what was the most important contributor to that success? High chance you do not remember the procedures and practices used to control all elements of the iron triangle of project management. Instead, you probably remember the effectiveness of the team. Most companies nurture and develop their best practices, but fail to acknowledge that a high performing team really makes the difference. Learn more from Marco on organizational effectiveness.