Meghan Hill – Making Room for You: a practical guide to organizing your home

meganhillIn Making Room for You, ‘professional organizerMeghan Hill helps you with a series of tips to let go of all material things you collected in your house, garage and self-storage which doesn’t bring you an orderly and peaceful home. Hill goes from room to room, advicing you to sort and clean, donate where possible and overcome the emotional resistance and procrastinating associated with letting go. Respect and enjoy what you have, be selective and remember you don’t need everything. A short, simple and practical guide. Even when you think you’re an orderly person and know where what is stored, like me, you’ll find plenty of useful tips to even enhance such a habitat. Names and web sites of stores to find the right drawer or box, donation organizations and shredding services are given throughout the book and in an appendix. Make your life easier once you’re organized.

About the author
Meghan Hill‘s expertise as a professional organizer, lifetime of writing, and years of studying self-development culminated in her first book. Organizing for over eighty clients so far, often overhauling entire homes and commercial offices and acting as a personal coach, has given her invaluable insight into the process of organizing and allowed her to gain a deep understanding of what people need to sustain an orderly and serene environment. She loves organizing, writing, reading, crossword puzzles, fireside time with loved ones, and sharing ideas. She currently lives in Walla Walla, Washington. You can read her blog at and visit her at