Replace Anger: empty yourself of anger by being filled with mercy, truth, love, kindness, and a tender heart

20492972In Replace Anger, anger expressed by both mankind and God is explored in depth. While other books may deal with anger as manageable or understanding, this book takes a different approach, rooted in a Bible Study on phrases dealing with anger. Better than let anger do its poisoning work in relationships, self-image, or feed it through alcohol, bad temper, or bitterness, is replacing anger with traits belonging to a new born Christian. Works of the flesh or old nature, replaced by spiritual works or the new nature God provides. Show the fruits of the Spirit and use your spiritual armor not to manage anger, but to flee from it and fill the empty space with virtues and deeds belonging to a Christian.

The first book is a passage through a thesaurus, the remainder has many Bible verses quoted and lots of lists and steps. It’s tough readability is compensated for by providing clear paragraphs headings and pull quotes in panes. Anger has no purpose in our life. The author provided lots of exercises and questions to review each chapter.Various causes for anger, as well as often heard objections not to put off anger but cherish it are dealt with. The author correlates anger with alcohol use. While abuse is causing a lot of violence, anger, sickness, accidents and suicide, the author doesn’t leave any room for any alcohol consumption at all. It’s a weakness in this guide, where Jewish holidays and also Jesus turning water into wine, are carefully kept away from this book. While I shouldn’t feel guilty drinking a beer or glass of wine every now and then without getting drunk, I really should take care of giving cause for anger or being angry myself.

About the author

The author which wanted to stay anonymous has experienced how emotional self-control affects the performance of athletes. He has coached, and observed the results of different coaching styles. The writer has counseled residents in an addiction recovery home for several years, living along side them to help them recognize how emotional outbursts lead to destructive actions. He has seen the transforming power of Scripture and the Spirit of God rebuild people from the inside out; truly a changed life is a miracle! He has been placed alongside angry people in the workplace, ministry, and home life to get a better understanding of how to solve the problems anger creates. He worked through the confusing teenage years where he welcomed anger into his life, and had to eventually recognize it was consuming him. This work is his endeavor to humbly search the Scripture and see what God’s solution is.

A free sample chapter Life Lessons On Anger is available.


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