Lee Davis – 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence

5starsellingIn 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence sales veteran Lee Davis offers an in-depth coverage of a variety of sales techniques for beginning salespeople as well as seasoned professionals. From motivation and getting organized to cold calling, follow up and dealing with objections. Both modern technology, old-school negotiation techniques and use (internal) management for your cause is covered. Even the practical stuff like whether or not using entertainment, gifts and book keeping of expenses are addressed.

The approach is practical, with lots of personal examples to illustrate how get started and become successful as sales person. That may be your full time engagement, your natural habitat, or the occasional situation you now can handle more effectively after a reading of this book (and why not re-read it in time?).

Emphasis is on building and maintaining strong customer relationships, instead of playing the average car salesperson. People buy from people, even in the 21st Century!

About the author

For over 35 years, Lee Davis excelled in selling and sales management for a Fortune 500 company. He consults in market research and offers sales training to companies who would benefit from his proven methods for success as their sole or supplemental sales program.

Lee and his wife, Jacque, travel extensively, enjoy the scenic beauty of America, and visit the parks, monuments, and museums, that exhibit the impressive US heritage.

The author approached me to read and review his book, without any obligation to write a positive or ***** review 😉