Judith Thomas – All In The Head

all in the headAll In The Head & other tales with a twist is a collection of 18 short stories, each from a different protagonist. Sometimes historical backgrounds on French wig traditions, fictional scenes in history, sometimes contemporary settings. Hair fetisjism, South American lifestyle, all with a twist. If you expect well worked out characters or a main theme, you’d be disappointed. Our global village captured in words reflecting both mundane and exotic elements, hits and misses of living in countries all over the world. Women executives with hidden hair obsessions, soldiers with a horrific past, as well as teenagers on a sleepover party, are on the scene.

About the author

Dr. D. Judtih Thomas now resides in Windsor, but has lived and worked in many countries including the USA, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Middle East. She is the mother of three, two girls and a boy, who were born in Japan, USA and New Zealand. She has lectured on variety of topics in these countries and has a special interest in the Far East and Middle Eastern cultures. She has been an onboard expert of Japanese History and Culture for Noble Caledonia Cruise Company on their ” Timeless Japan cruises. Her doctorate focused on women in enclosed corporate lifestyles in the Middle East.

She has also spent many years in Industry, as a Human Resources Director and later Management Training Specialist. Judith has been in a number of roles including being an Industrial Chaplain in New Zealand at a chicken factory to a clinical pastoral period in the USA as a Hospital Chaplain to an oncology and trauma unit. Judith has been ordained for twenty years, ten of them in the Anglican church in England. She previously wrote Collar to Cleavage.

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