Jen & Craig Ferguson – Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography

pure eyes clean heartIf statistics don’t lie many men and women struggle with a pornography addiction. Marriage is no protection against this trap. What if the spouse discovers it? Can you become free? Instantly or through counseling only? In Pure Eyes, Clean Heart, Craig and Jen Ferguson share their personal story. Both were and are Christians, active church members. Craig developed his porn addiction from a young age and didn’t stop after marrying Jen. As most secrets this one was disclosed as well. 

The authors alternate telling their stories of shame, anger, hopelessness, feeling unable to solve the problem and finally turning in to God to restore marriage’s principles of a threefold covenant, submission, unconditional love and forgiveness. Easier said than done, and that’s exactly what the main portion of the book’s about. No 12-steps program, no instance ‘happily ever after’ cheesy story, but lots of jealousy, fear, distrust and talks. I appreciated that, because the book title and cover may suggest an overnight success. Though the couple starts preaching from the Bible at a rather early stage of the book, these ‘sermons’ are paralleled by the recovery process itself.

You will not hear “I will never watch again” or “I’m now clean for X years”. Emphasis is laid on the power of forgiveness, divine grace and love. Sin is sin, no excuses here. The Fergusons don’t call for a battle against the producers. They keep it personal. The authors provide prayers, discussion questions for couples, and other helpful books and websites in the appendix.

About the authors

Jen Ferguson is a Bible teacher at her church, retreat speaker, and host of an online women’s community called Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. She graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and holds a master’s degree in education. Craig Ferguson is a manager at a consumer electronics corporation and the involved father of two little girls. Craig and Jen reside near Austin, Texas, where they are happily married and thankful for God’s ongoing work in their lives.

I received a review copy from Discovery House Publishers through Netgalley to give you my personal opinions.