Plumb – Need You Now: a Story of Hope

Plumb Need you now bookIn 2013 Tiffany Lee aka Plumb released her latest album Need You Now. Personal songs reflecting the narrow escape from her almost wrecked marriage. New found hope which Plumb now shares in her book Need You Now: a Story of Hope, co-written by Susanna Foth Aughtmon, and published by Shoe Publishing and Street Talk Media. I got the chance to read the foreword by Amy Grant and the first two chapters, an offer by Noisetrade in August. Amy Grant offers her humility and praises. As divorced mother (her first marriage to musician Gary Chapman ended in 1999), she’s thankful for the work God did in the lives of Tiffany and Jeremy. The book’s opening brings the raw side of touring and family roots. Funny, honest and well-written, including personal reflections, literature and movies. Tiffany chooses joy instead of happiness, and is sure about the hope that’s always there, how dark circumstances may seem. The album is re-released as well, now including seven more songs that speak to the story of Jeremy and Tiffany splitting up, planning to get a divorce and then God intervening. The book’s out today. I hope to catch a copy soon to read entirely and share my review.