Nish Weiseth – Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World

speak bookWhere more sermons will not change the world, our personal stories, testimonies of a living faith, can. In Speak, popular blogger Nish Weiseth, stresses the importance of using a story as vehicle to explain the gospel, show grace, and proclaim God’s Kingdom on Earth today. Though Weiseth doesn’t promote a Kingdom Now (‘over-realized’) theology, it’s obvious that goodness, justice, giving, neighbouring and church planting show the Kingdom to the world. In 8 short chapters stories from the Bible, Weiseth’s own pilgrimage on parenting, leaving Portland, Oregon for Salt Lake City, Utah, spiritual gifts, mission trip, evangelical church leadership, etc. are illustrated by blog posts with inspirational thought from friends, and fellow writers including some of the reaction they sparked. To help you along, she also shares profiles of NGOs like World Vision and International Justice Mission¬†as part of her call to action.

About the author

Nish Weiseth is an author, storyteller, speaker, advocate, and troublemaker with a serious Dr. Pepper addiction and affinity for Texas barbecue. She’s the founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Deeper Story, a collaborative site featuring over 60 writers who use storytelling to address some of Christianity & culture’s biggest issues. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two young children.