Michael Youssef – God, Just Tell Me What to Do

God just tell me what to doWhile the book title suggests a command, or explicit wish spoken to God, it’s a different story, Michael Youssef wants to tell. He’s delivering a commentary on the epistle of James (the half-brother of Jesus Christ, later pillar of the first Century Church). James’ epistle is unusual in tone and content compared to the gospels, letters from Paul, John and Peter. It touches on the importance of a practical, living faith, temptations and morals. Topics such as richness, obeying God’s words, anger management, patience, suffering, and gossip. James has lots to say to us as well as his first Century audience. Michael Youssef sometimes does word studies, refers to Old Testament books and prophecies, links Jesus’ en Paul’s words to James’ and throws in several contemporary examples as illustrations. God, Just Tell Me What To Do or the alternative title Leading the Way Through James by Michael Youssef Leading the Way Through James: A Devotional Commentary for Everyone is indeed meant for every believer, desiring to put faith into action.

About the author

Michael Youssef, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Leading The Way, a worldwide ministry that leads the way for people living in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ through the creative use of media and on-the-ground ministry teams (www.leadingtheway.org). His weekly television programs and daily radio programs are broadcast in 20 languages and seen worldwide – airing more than 4,000 times per week. He is also the founding pastor of The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 3,000 members.

Dr. Youssef was born in Egypt, lived in Lebanon and Australia before coming to the United States. In 1984, he fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming an American citizen. He holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and from Fuller Theological Seminary in California. In 1984, he earned a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Emory University. He has authored 24 books, including the most recent – When the Crosses Are Gone: Restoring Sanity to a World Gone Mad. He and his wife reside in Atlanta and have four grown children and five grandchildren.