Tim Patrick – Tea Cups & Tiger Claws

tea cups tiger clawsIn Tea Cups & Tiger Claws a Prospect Park, California family saga about greed and power, haves and have-nots is told along the lives of identical triplets born in 1916. Strange enough their parents decided to dispose one of them to the highest bidder. Of course this causes grief and jealousy, split up and reunite later in life. Whereas Dorthea is raised in a shabby village, she misses a lot, but not her ambition. Her sisters are denied having contact with her or even speak of her, though raised in a mansion of glamour and privilege up a hill.

The novel’s divided in three parts: Sisters as the foundation, Cousins for the interaction as teenagers and Enemies for the unavoidable deadly power games. The omniscient narrator‘s point of view changes frequently between characters, which requires your close attention. The character development is good, and I felt engaged with them. What distracted me, especially after having wrestled through the first 2 parts, is the strange punctuation, and long – comma sliced sentences. An interesting plot packed in linguistic sub-top quality.

About the author

Timothy Patrick learned at an early age about living on both sides of the railroad tracks. Even though his family scraped to pay the rent and hadn’t made it past the first rung of the social ladder, his mother decided her son ought to go to an elite boarding school. She smooth talked the headmaster and Timothy ended up at Judson School in Scottsdale, Arizona–the child of a TV repairman hobnobbing with the children of diplomats and famous athletes. On visiting day Timothy watched the parents of his schoolmates arrive in limousines and Lamborghinis. His parents arrived in a beat up van that said “Patrick’s TV Repair” on the sides.

In his debut novel, “Tea Cups & Tiger Claws,” Timothy continues with this childhood theme as he introduces us to forbidden mountaintop palaces and the seemingly unworthy characters who try to sneak into them. It’s a family saga that spans three generations and, of course, takes you on a wild ride from one side of the tracks to the other.

Timothy is a graduate of UCLA. He and his wife live in Southern California and are the parents of two grown children. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and aviation.