Sally Outlaw – Cash from the Crowd

cash from the crowdCrowdfunding veteran Sally Outlaw  ( and Crowdfunding Academy) wrote Cash from the Crowd to help you raise capital for your project or business in small chunks from the crowd, your fans, friends, followers, business contacts. With Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns filling your today’s inbox, honesty requires to realize that only 40% of the initiated projects succeed in reaching their funding goals. Platforms like Kickstarter demand a lot of preparation and do actively filter applications for admittance. You better use the tips from this book to arrange your pre-campagin, campaign creation and launch until the post-launch activities. From scrutinizing your (online) address books, pitching your product, setting up the reward scheme and financial planning to PR strategies and use of social media.

Sally also pays attention to micro lending / peer-to-peer lending and equityy sharing which are of course different in engagement with the crowd than pre-sales packed as crowdfunding. Outlaw’s story is illustrated with lessons learned from a group of crowdfunded campaigns. Videos of successful campaign videos are linked to. As an addendum: Crowdfunding Toolkit – the resources you need during & after your campaign.

About the author

Sally Outlaw is the co-founder and CEO of two crowdfunding entities – fundraising platform and Crowdfunding Academy ( and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their crowdfunding goals. She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has traveled the globe, including ten years spent in Russia, starting and managing several successful companies and running her own media ventures. Sally is a speaker on the topic of small business financing at various universities, business incubators, and entrepreneurial events and has been a repeated source on the topic of crowdfunding for national media outlets.