Mark Atteberry – The Solomon Seduction: What You Can Learn from the Wisest Fool in the Bible

Solomon seductionAfter Samson (The Samson Syndrome) and Caleb (The Caleb Quest) Mark Atteberry once again delved the life of a biblical male character to present timeless lessons for both men and women. In The Solomon Seduction: What You Can Learn from the Wisest Fool in the Bible there are 10 wake-up calls for you to reconsider whether you are seduced into addictions, idolatry or other sins Gods hates and wants you to be free from. Sin seems like a good idea, whether it’s a political treaty to establish peace (as with Solomon), hurry to get home, spice up your life, etc. God’s commands seem out of touch. He can’t be serious all the time. It’s only…. Your glory is more important than God’s glory, because after all, you’re made in His image. You’re more influenced by enticements than warnings. After being discovered you all know what’s good and bad, but warnings are for others. Atteberry shares quite some examples of preachers not practicing what they preached. Sin management seems like a better choice than repentance: play hide and seek with God. We all remember Bill Clinton cover up his relationship with Monica Lewinsky (‘that woman’) redefining terms & conditions. But be aware, your faithful friends are troubled by your behavior. You gamble and may loose your family and friends. Something is really gone wrong if your drinking glasses cost more than some people’s houses. Solomon’s life is exemplary, but there are many contemporary ones as well. What to with a thousand women lined up outside your bathroom? You can’t love them all, can’t you. Solomon preaches monogamy, but lives quite the opposite way. Idolatry, greediness and superficial relationships line up as well. The throne of your heart goes from being a chair to a sofa to a sectional. You gotta serve somebody. If God’s not the only one, he will be angry, and may have drawn a bull’s-eye on your chest. Numerous quotes from the books of Kings, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs serve as back up for this in-depth character study. With humor, and a pastor’s heart, Mark Atteberry offers practical suggestions to avoid a similar fate, repent and receive grace. After all wake-up calls are for you to move out of your self-made comfort zone and get things straight again.

About the author

Mark Atteberry started preaching while still in Bible college, and is still at it more than three decades later. Balancing two professions (pastor and author) isn’t always easy, but he enjoys the challenge. He is a sax player and a jazzer at heart, and is blessed to have the opportunity to play in the Poinciana Christian Church worship band every Sunday.

I received a review copy from the publisher Thomas Nelson, through Booklookloggers to share my opinions with you.