Jurgen Appelo – How to change the world

how to change the worldJurgen Appelo wrote this 90 pages booklet as a little guide for change managers. In How to Change the World – Change management 3.0 he mixes a couple of methods as models as a fresh mojito to his audience. Digging from his own experience as serial entrepreneur (failing for 15 years and finally successful) and social network meetings like the Stoos Network (January 2012), and the Agile Lean Europe Network, the guide is meant to tickle your brains to take small steps and make changes doable. The good-old Plan-Do-Check-Act model (a.k.a. Deming Cycle), Adoption Curve (a.k.a. Diffusion of Innovations), five environmental factors (information, identity, incentives, infrastructure and institutions), and a series of mind-benders (ability, knowledge, desire, awareness, reinforcement) make up Appelo’s Change Management 3.0 tookit. Like good innovations, Jurgen recommends to improve the good ideas and adapt then to your needs. Richly illustrated (Appelo himiself is a gifted illustrator) with both pictures and drawings, one-liners and quotes from modern management book authors, the book may serve as an imitating rite to digg further in text books, apply learnings in your organization and next changes. Don’t forget to inspect & adapt, share your experiences.
About the author

Jurgen Appelo writes the blog NOOP.nl, which covers agile management, business improvement, and personal development. He is the author of the book Management 3.0, which describes the role of the manager in Agile organizations. And Jurgen is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world. Soon, Management 3.0’s sequel Management Workout will be published.

The author sent me his book to read and – of course – provide my personal and honest feedback.

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