Rick Lelan – Jesus at Walmart…fire on the Earth

jesus at walmart fireThe Jesus at Walmart…fire on the Earth was my first encounter with Lelan’s Jesus at Walmart trilogy on a DIY church planter. Malachi Marble not longer works at Walmart, divorced and detached from his former church. Equipped with a mandolin, poor song writing skills and an eagerness to practice New Testament promises and verses (quoted without context) to build God’s Church. While this book’s not meant for non-believers it surely is a mirror for a lot of modern evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Over the top usage of Bible quotes, repetitive self-made worship songs with only buzz words and a superficial interaction between people. With a little help from his friends, The Table (‘the church for you’), a brand new church is created, marriage with Annie restored and discussions with fellow churches on the Bible translation of choice or gender requirements of overseers muted craft-fully. While not always concise and near the end truly missing a natural ending, there are a lot of humorous scenes like explaining the costs of baptism, Uncle Dale’s explanation of coming to faith and the ways vague ‘prophecies’ can be used as an exhortation of anyone, everywhere, anytime. Smile, it could be your church, folks!

About the author

Rick Leland writes from his home in Three Rivers, MIWith 10 years of professional writing experience and hundreds of published works, including the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy. He holds a degree in Christian Ministry through Indiana Christian University and trained for two years with Christian Writers Guild.  Thou Art Studio…discovering, finding, and knowing God through art; is a project Rick is currently focusing on. He is also an associate pastor at the Free Church, which is located in his hometown, He remains passionately in love with Nancy, his wife of 32 years, who assists him in his writing endeavors. He plays the mandolin. And writes worships songs for his personal times with the Lord. And when he gets a chance, he runs the trails in a nearby park. 

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for providing an honest review