Maria Elena Sandovici – Dogs With Bagels

Dogs and BagelsDogs With Bagels is the alternating story line from a hard working Romanian family chasing the American dream after having left their home country. Feeling homeless, rebuilding life, raising children, while marriage is falling apart. Meet daughter Liliana, struggling to pay rent and proper food. Her only comfort are dogs and bagels. Her mother, Maria, left alone after her marriage break-up, only noticing her daughter’s problem’s after it’s too late. The novel is long, but just entertaining enough to stay with it until the end. Switching from writing in the first person for Liliana to the third person about Maria and other family members is stylistic not done. Her play with the parallel stories and emotionally laden characters saves the book. Impulsive spending, desperately depending  on others, but also friendship and a longing to restore relationships with family characterizes this novel. The author beautifully mimics the broken English and impromptu mother tongue quotes.

About the author

Maria Elena Sandovici was born in Bucharest, a city she loves, and can never stay away from too long. In the pursuit of international adventures, she left Romania to attend college, then graduate school, in the United States. Dogs with Bagels is her first novel. It is loosely inspired by her own detours as a young foreign woman navigating the emotional potholes and financial pitfalls of Manhattan.
She is also the author of the blog Have Watercolors Will Travel, an artist, a dog owner, and a collector of fine shoes and evening dresses. Having successfully fled the pricey real estate and cruel winters of New York, she lives in Galveston, Texas, wears sandals in February, walks her dog on sunny beaches, and travels frequently to Romania, Spain, and many other places. For updates on her adventures, and daily watercolor paintings, you can check her blog at