Brad Formsma – I Like Giving

i like givingWithout putting any pressure, or go preaching on tithing, Brad Formsma, shares his decades of fun while giving, whether big or small things. A gesture, compliment or a smile may be enough sometimes. By giving you can make the lives of your neighbors easier, and more bearable. Formsma uses some latest scientific research on the positive correlation between generosity and happiness and the chapter Dan Pink devotes to generosity in Drive. And while the author is a Christian, and giving as a Christian is described just as normal as breathing, you as a reader may not count yourself one, or find it difficult just your time, money, beloved gadget, forgiveness away to….friends or strangers. Formsma includes the view point of the receiver as well, without promoting a quid pro quo approach. So, speaking with Adam Grant, author of Give and Take, it’s more on the givers side, than the takers or matchers. Motivated intrinsically you’re beyond awareness or an admirer of all the personal stories interwoven in this book’s message, but actionable, seeing miracles happen in the lives of others and yours too. Giving is living.

About the author

Brad Formsma is the creator of, a website viewed in more than 165 countries, which inspires people to live generously through its short films as well as a platform for all to share their experiences in giving. Brad and his wife, Laura, have three children and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.