Victoria Hanan Iglesias – The Ballad of Cinderella Jones

cinderellajonesThe Ballad of Cinderella Jones is a mixture of a love story, travelogue and confessional. According to the author, Victoria Hanan Iglesia a true-life story chronicling a scapegoat’s journey by Tallie from the Cleveland slums to the Caribbean shore and finally to Spain’s legendary Camino de Santiago.  Chapters and episodes alternating will eventually bring all memory’s pieces together. The camino brings physical challenges, astonishing landscapes, meetings with men and women from all over the world. Walking also helps reflecting on the past, overcoming broken relationships and concentrating on real treasures. During this trek of 300 miles, Tallie found her inner strength, an unexpected faith and signs that brought her peace with God.

Though only partly an actual account of the route through northern Spain itself, each chapter is hooked on a particular mile marker. Forget the churches, history lessons or deeper insights you may expect from a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela recount. This book’s extras lay in the interwoven passages from the Americas, illustrations and maps plus a set of recipes of meals offered and enjoyed during the camino.

About the author

Victoria Hanan Iglesias is a professional writer, adventurer and proud auntie of six amazing nephews and nieces — and counting! Among other adventures, she rang in the millennium in Times Square, studied screenwriting in Hollywood and unearthed an ancient Incan burial site.  A recipient of the Msgr. John A. Shocklee Interfaith Social Justice Award (2000), she is a member of Who’s Who and active in humanitarian outreach organizations around the world. Victoria also loves canines, cooking, (Leonard) Cohen and the free enterprise system.