Geri Hosier – Hacked

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Geri Hosier Hacked

Liv Paxton, smart and attractive, runs the biggest murder squad in London. A dead reporter of a celebrity hacking scandal as first of five cruel murders is catching the attention of her team. Who’s behind this? With help from her best friend, newspaper manager Louise Brighouse, she’s on the hunt for the criminal. It leads to a world of drugs and sex at both sides of the law. A Tartar oligarch with an enormous influence due to Britain’s involvement in the Afghanistan province of Helmand, friends turned into treachers, and the fine line between the underworld and brave society. Is there a safety net for Paxton and enough time to catch the criminal and bring him or her to justice? Discover the various hacks.

The book’s full of harsh language, danger and protection. Paxton’s private life is interwoven as a second storyline. Hacked is great crime fiction.

About the author

Geri Hosier is a seasoned Fleet Street reporter and editor, author, London-lover. Hacked is the first in the series of Liv Paxton crime novels.

I got a review copy through Netgalley to provide you my impressions.