Mahree Moyle – The Kennedy Half-Dollar

the kennedy half-dollarA coming of age, crime memoir full of suspension. Meet Seely who moved to Hawaii after her high school graduation. She’s drawn into the darker side of life, after getting a job in a well-known nightclub in Waikiki. After the first murder, Mark her assistant manager, was found shot to death, there are suspicions rising. What’s the role of Seely, and is there really such a thing as the Mafia? How strong are they? And will Seely’s Kennedy era half-dollar coin protect her like a modern-age talisman?

Seely somehow manages to get away from Hawaii and escape her threats and sexually and mentally tortures. But the might Mafia is reaching out, wherever she moves. Towards the final you’ll be surprised. The Kennedy Half-Dollar is non-stop action and suspense. Every chapter starts with a song title. I couldn’t quite figure out often what the actual relationship with the chapter’s content was. It was meant as soundtrack / background music to set the mood to The Kennedy Half-Dollar.

About the author

Mahree Moyle was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan within the Great North Woods. She loved to sit in the Ojibawe burial grounds when she was younger, listening to the silence, Currently, she is living in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. The closest she’s gotten to an Indian burial ground is at the casinos, where she’s the one buried. She loves life and breathes it.

The author granted me a review copy to read and review for you. Mahree shone some light on the historical background to me: Yep, there is Hawaiian Mafia. Here is a story on the actual murder. Ronnie Ching is Brone in my story. The other two guys were acquitted. If I hadn’t lost my memory, they would have gone to jail also. Or, I could be dead.