Kit Seeborg & Andrea Meyer – Present Yourself

present yourselfRather than being another book on presentation skills, Present Yourself highlights using SlideShare to grow your business, organizational or personal branding. With the introduction of SlideShare in 2006, suddenly presenters could publicly publish and share their PowerPoint presentations. Started as YouTube for PowerPoint,” SlideShare is now a full-scale multimedia publishing platform. With the acquisition of SlideShare by LinkedIn in 2012, a whole new world of opportunities continues to open up.Time for a wrap up of all these functions and possibilities to help you. The importance of visual storytelling, as well as the basics of setting up an SlideShare account are the book openers. SlideShare can be used for all kinds of speaking engagements. A proper use will increase your SEO. Selling and research, journalism or raising awareness for your NGO, government or cause through SlideShare are dealed with. Numerous hyperlinks, real life examples from SlideShare users and additional cross-functionalities like going viral by sharing your presentations on LinkedIN, Pinterest, Facebook, and content curation at are useful tips as well. Hands-on, presenters!

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About the authors

As the community manager and editor for SlideShare from 2010 to 2013, Kit Seeborg curated and featured presentations on the SlideShare home page, wrote and edited its blog and newsletters, and represented SlideShare on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. SlideShare CEO Rashmi Sinha refers to Kit as the “voice of SlideShare.” She continues to engage with the world’s leading experts in presentation trends, design, and delivery. Kit is also founder of the digital music licensing company, BumperTunes. She has worked extensively in digital media and communications, producing live video webcasts for Fortune 100 companies, planning industry events, and speaking at conferences such as WebVisions and SXSW. Kit’s photos have appeared in two United Nations publications. She has served as a member of the editorial team for and has written for numerous blogs in the digital and sustainability spaces.

Andrea Meyer is an award-winning speaker, writer and ghostwriter. Known for her practical, how-to style, she has traveled to 40 countries speaking and writing about innovation and how to get breakthrough insights. She founded in 1988, and her clients include IBM, Cisco, MIT, Harvard University, McKinsey & Co., InnoCentive, AARP and OECD. Andrea has contributed to 35 books on business, innovation and psychology. She has an M.S. in Information Science, is a member of Mensa, and is listed in Who’s Who in America.