Jenn London – Beautiful Sorrow: a memoir

Jenn London Beautiful SorrowTo have a biography written on you, you have to die first. To write an autobiography you have to be a Very Important Person, looking back on your life and achievements, both often resulting in polished, crafted stories full of praise en awesomeness. Jenn London challenged herself to write a memoir as mile marker in her life, raw, honest and undone. Beautiful Sorrow touches on a multitude of topics from overcoming her brother’s suicide and other family tragedies, dealing with childhood obesity to her pursuit of a professional musical career. It doesn’t stop here. With Jewish roots, encounters with Christian families learning her to pray and say ‘I love you’, she still is looking whether there’s a God, and explores the values of Zen Buddhism, Jainism en the teachings of the Dalai Lama. Ms. London is very active in PETA for animal welfare, among other causes like the American Red Cross. She has wise words too on sexual abuse, sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll. Food and prostitution may harm lives as much as wacky producers, a sequence of managers.

London has an insight view of the music industry and her struggle to get attention, airplay and venues to play with her band. She also is experienced in poetry and a fine touch to mix humor, inspiration with the imperfectness of everyday life. By doing so, readers can easier relate to her story than to an average high profile biography of a politician, artist or scientist.

About the author

Jenn London, born Jennifer Faye London: singer/songwriter, indie rocker, producer, author, poet, actor, activist, what not? The memoir’s release will be followed  by a CD of demos and recordings that go along with the story line. She is finishing up the final songs for the Beautiful Sorrow Memoir CD with musician/producer Ari Ingber , formerly of the band The Upwelling.