Temeko Richardson – Get A Clue – 10 Steps to an ExecutiveIQ

get a clueTemeko Richardson, a CRM consultant to CxOs, has coined “ExecutiveIQ” and yielded her work experiences and technological insights to compile this 10-steps book. In the beginning I somehow got the impression that Get A Clue – 10 Steps to an ExecutiveIQ would dig into personal leadership issues, to overcome bullying or get the promotion you’re entitled too. After a rather slow start I got a clue of Richardson’s core message to business folks, pastors and management of other nonprofit organizations. Facts don’t lie, and a lack of good supporting tools won’t help you at all. Money, talent, time and energy is wasted. In these economic tide it’s important to ride the waves. And so, the author puts it boldly: get rid of old inflexible IT stuff, don’t replicate, but integrate and start a decent CRM implementation to get your dashboards right.

Where’s the money going to? What’s the real ROI? Do or don’t we hire too much external employees? How well do we know our customers? Richardson throws in her love of black American singers, her Christian background and past experiences with client organizations. And yes, this is a business card inviting you to hire Richardson or one of her competitors to get things rolling. And yes, that takes leadership.

About the author

Temeko Richardson, the creative techie overachiever, is a senior-level consultant to C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and newly branded athletes who have an interest in growing and diversifying revenue, expanding product development, and targeting customer outreach.

An avid sports fan and marathoner, Richardson, who has been featured in multiple media outlets, also created Run Life’s Course™, a program that encourages participants to deter life’s and business’ challenges through discipline, diligence, definition, and discernment using fitness – specifically running.

In short, Richardson has a well-rounded background in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, philanthropy, and sports business that lends to this humorous, witty book of insightful clues you won’t find in the typical boring business or management manual. She blogs at execgetaclue.com.

I received a review copy of the book from the author to read and share my impressions.

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