Mark Hatch – The Maker Movement Manifesto

maker-movement-manifestoLast year I saw a TED Talk by Tomás Diez on the Fablab concept. This open source crafting shop is usually 2,000 square feet or so. A typical hackerspace can get as big as 4,000 square feet and sometimes larger. Taking it to the next level, a well-equipped makerspace starts at around 13,000 square feet, some run around 40,000 square feet in size when offices and classrooms are included. The Maker Movement Manifesto compiles the Rules for Innovation in the New World of Crafters, Hackers, and Tinkerers. Though many innovation books specifically zoom into software or internet applications, we’re living in houses, drive cars and travel by train, bus or subway. Machines process food and tools support us everyday. Mark Hatch has been at the front lines of the Maker Movement and TechShop since 2005. His book describes the powerful changes that are happening as individuals are increasingly becoming the innovators and creators in our society. Everything from laser cutters and milling machines to 3D printers and AutoCAD software makes them tick. Prototyping and product development at a fraction of the costs incurred  a decade ago. Chris Anderson’s long tail and ‘free’ production made reality.

The creative spirit lives inside every human being. We all van be makers. So fire up your imagination, read The Maker Movement Manifesto—and start creating! The book’s full of DIY examples, successful start-ups, great products. Downside of all this enthusiasm is that everything seems to be told multiple times. The book and the writing process could be cheaper and more efficient themselves. A prototype for an improved version?

Check out MAKEzine as well as the explanation video by Mark Hatch on

About the author

Mark Hatch is CEO of TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself (DIY), makerspace. It provides the digital and physical tools to make almost anything. TechShop members have made everything from robots and a lunar lander to a successful iPad case and craft businesses.

I received an uncorrected proof version of this book by the publisher, McGraw-Hill Professional, through Netgalley to provide you my honest and personal review.