Joseph Kiser – Charred and Scarred

charred and scarredCharred and Scarred confronts the reader with questions and quotes from literature and pop songs. Can you set yourself free from the self-centered, creepy dark inner life? We cannot understand love if we do not face the depth of evil in and around us. The Bible teaches: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” What about grace if it’s conditional? Are you part of the problem or solution when it comes down to faith? Cheap grace without repentance, Christian in name only without discipline, faith without deeds is dead. Unconditional love is reciprocal. God is with us and revealed Himself through His son, Jesus Christ. Joseph Kiser draws from the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible to deliver his clear position on sin, redemption, reconciliation with God and following the Saviour afterwards. Lessons from C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, Martin Luther illustrate the explanation why we all need forgiveness, and why it’s not a happily ever after beyond that point. We all will be saved as through fire, charred and scarred.